Why Choose us

For the convenience of accountants to enter data into the programme and for rapid access to information in the future, our fee receipts and fee books are automatically barcoded and contain students' names and financial information for each payment.

Since our software is connected to ISBNs and has access to a massive e-book database with information on 6 lakhs of books, we don't make the librarian perform the time-consuming task of inputting each book in the programme. By scanning the ISBN number, it automatically retrieves all of a book's information, hence reducing the likelihood of human error.

Our AI-enabled Photo Gallery module performs wonders and, upon identifying the student, automatically recommends the sender's name (Parent). Additionally, it alerts parents and students using the school's mobile app of an auto tag.

When parents and instructors are aware of a student's progress in each subject over the course of several years, they can better encourage the child's growth in that area.

First company in the world to provide a Visitor and Child Pick-up Management System for Schools with Face Recognition to Protect Students from Fraudulent Visitor and Escort

The first company to introduce "MySecurekid" as a superior alternative to the RFID card for the school's auto-attendance system. For the first time ever, a smart security gadget with geofencing control was used to monitor attendance and protect children.

The artificial intelligence engine in our teachers' attendance device learns about the absent teachers and automatically proposes the best replacement teachers.

For a group with numerous schools, the first company to develop multi-branch instructors analysis on various parameters (attendance, leave, syllabus completion, academic reports),

The first educational company to receive permission from TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) to deliver SMSes via transaction route to DND numbers,

The first company to develop the idea of a digital notice board (large format display) for schools that incorporates real-time website and ERP data integration.