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Incorporated in 2011, Franciscan has been enabling K-12 schools with state of the art technology for more than a decade now to provide more value to all their stakeholders such as students, parents, teachers and management. With 60+ inter-connected modules and thousands of reports and analysis, Franciscan e-Care transforms a school into a SMART SCHOOL. Over a decade, hundreds of schools have yielded benefits from Franciscan e-Care, and today, it is one of the most trusted and awarded school management systems for K-12 schools. Franciscan Solutions is a trusted and reliable provider of education technology solutions, with a proven track record of delivering high-quality products and services. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified, a testament to its commitment to providing top-notch products and services that meet international quality standards. With more than 1000 satisfied customers, including CBCI (Catholic Bishop Conference of India), Vatican Embassy India & Nepal, CBCI Education Society, and many others, Franciscan Solutions has established a reputation for excellence in the education technology sector. The company's focus on delivering innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of each customer has helped it to build lasting relationships with its clients, who continue to rely on Franciscan Solutions for their education technology needs.

Franciscan particularly focuses on three aspects of student development-

Automation of operational and academic processes:

Franciscan e-Care is an end-to-end software solution for the student management cycle, from admission to issuing TC. It is equipped with 60+ modules (Admission, Accounts, Fee, Payroll, Report Card, Library etc.), which are required to automate school operations and academics. It not only helps the school's administrative and teaching staff to work more effectively but also saves their time so that they can keep them more focused on their most important and expected responsibility, i.e. 'imparting education.


Franciscan e-Care is the first educational ERP that acknowledged the importance of communication and took revolutionary steps to improve the communication system in the education domain. In 2014 Franciscan was awarded the same 'Company of the Year 2014 in e-Communication Vertical". Franciscan became the first company from the education domain to be approved by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) to send SMS to parents through the transactional route. It addresses the communication gap problem on a deeper level. All the software is integrated with SMS, mobile app notification and a portal message system for instant notification. Every important information like homework, leave notifications, appointment scheduling, PTM schedule, assignment, complaint, updates etc., is delivered to parents on their mobile. We are the highest SMS-delivering school ERP, with 24*7 support for the SMS system and a 99.99% delivery record.


Franciscan e-Care is the world's first company globally to launch 'eSmartGuard'. It's an Artificial Intelligence enabled Visitor and Child Pick-up Management System which works on a powerful face recognition technology. It reduces the risk of fraudulent visitors and child escorts, as all the visitors are authenticated with pre-registered face and identity documents. Another eureka innovation for students' security is 'MySecureKid', a smartwatch enabled with GPS tracking and a dual control system that automatically switches control between school and parents inside and outside the school. It secures the students inside the school without causing disturbance to school management and studies and helps parents stay connected with their children anytime, anywhere.

Why is it called e-Care?

Before the ERP, Schools faced many problems, such as repetitive calculation for an error-free progress report card, preparation of summary sheets, the digitalisation of data, leakage of fee collection, Epf submissions, registration for admissions and errors in salary calculations. Keeping all these difficulties in mind, Franciscan E-care came up with new ideas and technology, and we at Franciscan took on a mission to provide solutions to all the problems in a single platform. Franciscan helps automate and transform school management, also intact communication with all school stakeholders like a school management, teacher principals and more.

We have designed and developed Franciscan e-Care with the belief that a child's development is not an individual's responsibility but the collective efforts of all. The schools and parents give their best for the development of every single child and care a great deal for their kids. We at Franciscan contribute our expertise to equip all these stakeholders (Parents, Teachers and School Management) with the best possible TECHNICAL (Electronic) CARE, and that is why we named our services "Franciscan e-Care".

In 2011, Franciscan Solutions, a technology company specializing in software development and digital solutions, was officially incorporated. With a focus on delivering innovative and customized solutions for clients across various industries, Franciscan Solutions quickly established itself as a trusted partner in the tech industry
In 2012, launched the second version of their flagship software solution, e-Care. The upgraded e-Care 2.0 offered several new features and improvements over the original version, including enhanced security, improved performance, and a more user-friendly interface.
In 2014, a technology company launched the most comprehensive mobile application for schools, designed to facilitate communication between parents, teachers, and students.In the same year, the company was also recognized for its excellence by being awarded as the company of the year in the e-communication vertical.
In 2015, a leading company in the educational sector was recognized as one of the 20 most promising companies in the field. Along with this achievement, the company also launched a web-based ERP system with cutting-edge technological enhancements.
In 2016, Franciscan Solutions achieved a significant milestone by reaching 500k users of their innovative technology solutions. This achievement was a testament to the company's commitment to excellence and their dedication to providing top-notch services to their clients. Along with this achievement, the company was also recognized for their contributions to the industry and the economy, being awarded as the entrepreneur of the year and the best industrialist for 2015-16 by the U.P. Government.
In 2017, Franciscan Solutions expanded their global footprint by starting operations in Australia and Dubai. This was a significant step for the company, as it allowed them to offer their innovative solutions and services to businesses and educational institutions in these regions.
2018 was a big year for Franciscan Solutions with the launch of CBCI Education Masterminds, an innovative platform for Catholic educational institutions in India. The company also introduced e-smartGuard, an RFID-based security system for schools, as well as My Secure Kid, a comprehensive child safety app. These initiatives demonstrated Franciscan Solutions' commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of society.
In 2019, Franciscan Solutions launched its VR e-learning language labs, taking a big leap forward in the field of education technology. The company also organized a mega national quiz scheduled, showcasing its commitment to promoting knowledge and learning in India.
In 2020, E-care ERP, introduced online classes for students. The inclusion of online classes was a response to the new education policy put forth by the Union Cabinet of India. This implementation of online classes through E-care ERP has provided a new dimension to the way education is being delivered in India.
In 2021, we made an addition to the E-care ERP by introducing an innovative online assessment system. This new feature is designed to enhance and streamline the assessment process on the platform. It is aimed at providing a more efficient and effective way of assessing individuals, students, or employees online.
In 2022, Our company has formed partnerships with numerous organizations in complementary industries, including learning management companies and others. By leveraging on each other's strengths, we are able to expand our reach, improve our service offerings, and provide better value to our customers. Our partnerships have enabled us to tap into new markets, share knowledge and expertise, and harness new technologies, leading to more innovative solutions.
We are constantly enhancing our features Not just yearly, but on a daily basis Through continuous improvement efforts. We strive to offer the best experience for our clients

Franciscan Solution is a cloud-based system that helps K-12 private and public schools manage and utilize student information, improving engagement and learning outcomes across hierarchical structures in the education sector. The centralized platform comes with a classroom management module, allowing users to handle and track student assignments, grading, discipline, health, and attendance processes, among others.

We commit to applying the following values internally and externally in our work. Our values articulate core beliefs that we want to make central to our work - externally and internally with each other. As a team, we revisit these values often, making changes as needed.

"We believe values and ethics are the core of any service-based business, without which it is impossible to provide quality service. Hence at Franciscan solutions, every employee shares the common value of our organization. So it benefits all the stakeholders and clients directly or indirectly associated with the company."


Ethics is the cornerstone of our operations, guiding us to build trust with our stakeholders, uphold moral principles, and contribute positively to the communities we serve.


We believe in the power of honesty, recognizing that sincerity in our interactions not only strengthens relationships but also forms the basis for sustainable success in all our endeavors.


Excellence is not just a goal but a mindset that permeates our organization, driving us to continuously improve, innovate, and deliver exceptional value to our customers.


Taking responsibility for actions and decisions. Being transparent about successes and challenges.


Promoting collaboration and open communication among employees. Recognizing and valuing diverse skills and perspectives.


Encouraging a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Embracing change and staying at the forefront of industry advancements.


Committed to serve the education sector providing thoroughly researched and customised ERP solution and allied products. With strong ethics and partnership beyond commitment as the core DNA, Franciscan Solutions dedicates itself to uplift the schools and alongside enhance the lives of its employees and partners.


To become the most desired ERP and allied service provider in the Indian K12 school domain alongwith creating a commendable work environment for its employees to work and grow mutually with the organization.

Experience & expertise

At Franciscan Solutions, we know that delivering the best clients and digital experience is crucial for schools. For us to be your true one stop solution, you need to trust in our capabilities, experience and expertise. Meet our leadership team and learn how we can help move your business forward – together.

Mohit Pawar
(Chief Responsibility Officer)
Veronica Francis
Sumit Dass
Mohd. Yakub
Chandra Pathak
Rishi Srivastava
Santraj Singh
Akrama Waheed
Prabjeet SINGH
Ashu Bohra

Rajeev Francis laid the foundation of Franciscan with a profound vision—to empower schools with cutting-edge technologies. With a rich background in education, Rajeev deeply grasped the pivotal role technology plays for schools and teachers. His innovative ideas and passionate execution propelled Franciscan to unprecedented heights during its formative days. Rajeev's fervor and keen understanding of human behavior left an indelible mark on everyone he touched.

As an inspiring leader and an invaluable teammate, Rajeev's legacy continues to shape the ethos of Franciscan. His enduring impact on us is not just a memory; it's a driving force. It fuels our collective commitment to scaling new heights and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The lessons he imparted, both in innovation and compassion, are cherished and woven into the very foundation of Franciscan.

As we navigate the evolving landscape of education technology, Rajeev Francis remains a beacon—a guiding force behind our mission to elevate Franciscan to even greater horizons. His vision, passion, and legacy inspire us to redefine what is achievable, making an enduring impact not only within our organization but in the broader landscape of education.