LFD (Digital Notice Board)

Experience the future of communication with Franciscan's cutting-edge Digital Notice Board. Revolutionize the way information is shared within your School. With LFD, say goodbye to traditional notice boards and embrace a dynamic, interactive platform that delivers real-time updates, announcements, and important messages in a visually engaging manner. The LFD, Digital Notice Board from Franciscan is a technological marvel offering a multitude of benefits. One notable feature is its Remote Power ON-OFF Scheduler, providing users with the convenience of managing the display's power status remotely. With its SIM-enabled inbuilt internet network facility, the LFD ensures seamless connectivity, allowing for real-time updates and information dissemination. The Auto Wi-Fi Connectivity further enhances its adaptability to different network environments. Encased in a robust Stainless Steel Metallic Body, the LFD is not only durable but also exudes a modern and sleek aesthetic. Equipped with IV Generation Upgraded Software, this digital notice board promises enhanced performance and efficiency. Franciscan stands behind the reliability of the LFD by offering a generous Two Years Onsite Warranty, instilling confidence in its users. Available in 49 and 55 inches display sizes, the LFD caters to diverse spatial requirements. Additionally, the integration of inbuilt speakers ensures a comprehensive multimedia experience. Embrace the future of notice boards with Franciscan's cutting-edge LFD technology.

Remote Power ON-OFF Scheduler
SIM Enabled (Inbuilt Internet Network Facility)
Inbuilt Auto Wi-Fi Connectivity
Stainless Steel Metallic Body
IV Generation Upgraded Software
Two Years Onsite Warranty
Available in 49 & 55 Inches Display
With Inbuilt Speakers


Keeping track of students' attendance and movements within a school campus can be a challenging task for school administrators. To address this issue, Franciscan Solutions, a leading IT company, offers a student i-card service that can help schools track attendance, improve security, and enhance efficiency.

The student i-card is a smart card that contains all the necessary information about a student, including their name, photograph, class, and roll number. The card can also be programmed to contain additional information, such as the student's attendance record and transportation details.

One of the key benefits of using a student i-card is that it can improve attendance tracking. Teachers can use a card reader to quickly scan the card and record attendance, making the process faster and more efficient. This also ensures that accurate attendance records are maintained, which can be helpful for tracking students who are absent or tardy.

Another advantage of using a student i-card is that it can enhance security within the school campus. The card can be used to restrict access to certain areas of the school, such as laboratories or computer rooms. This can prevent unauthorized access and reduce the risk of theft or damage to school property.

Furthermore, the i-card system can also be used to track student movement within the campus, which can be helpful for locating a student in case of an emergency. For instance, if a student is missing, their card can be used to track their last known location within the school.

Finally, the student i-card can be used to streamline other school-related activities, such as transportation. The card can be programmed with details about the student's bus route and pick-up/drop-off locations, making it easier to manage transportation logistics.

In conclusion, the student i-card is a powerful tool that can help schools streamline attendance tracking, enhance security, and improve efficiency. With Franciscan Solutions' i-card services, schools can benefit from a comprehensive system that is customized to meet their specific needs. By adopting this technology, schools can enhance their operational capabilities and provide a safer, more efficient learning environment for their students.


Franciscan provides an array of high-quality stationery items, ensuring a seamless and organized experience for various educational and administrative needs. Our meticulously designed report cards encapsulate academic achievements, fostering a sense of accomplishment for students and pride for parents. Additionally, our vibrant and thoughtful birthday cards add a personalized touch to celebratory moments within the school community. The school magazine, a testament to our commitment to creativity and expression, captures the essence of school life, achievements, and student contributions. Franciscan's diaries offer a structured and efficient tool for students and staff to stay organized throughout the academic year. Our letterheads reflect professionalism and carry the school's identity seamlessly in official correspondences. Furthermore, our challan slips provide a convenient and standardized method for financial transactions within the school. At Franciscan, our stationery offerings go beyond mere utility; they embody our dedication to fostering a positive and well-organized educational environment.