Modules and Features


'Admission Manager by Franciscan is the best holistic admission solution designed for schools that streamlines all the processes involved in the admission of a student in the school, such as online/offline inquiry, student application, enrollment & registration with customized forms, and integrated online payments.

The powerful and intelligent mechanism of 'The Admission Manager optimizes the selection process for schools that need help to select a few students for a few available seats among the many applicants.

Online Admission offers various features for hassle-free admission and enrollment processes. The auto e-brochure mailing facility and completely customized online admission form are noteworthy features. The platform ensures powerful communication with students and parents via Email and SMS, as well as providing auto distance and quota management. Online Admission also allows for custom fields per the school's individual applicant's login for real-time tracking requirements. Additionally, powerful auto-validations are in place to avoid and reject unnecessary and ineligible applicants based on criteria such as age limit, etc. The platform is equipped with an online payment option integrated with all payment gateways and banks, providing a seamless process from application submission to result declaration. Other features include a temporary ID card printing facility and automatic enrollment of selected students in ERP (Fee Manager, Marks Manager, and other relevant software).

Enhance Your Admission Process with Cutting-Edge Features:
  • Streamline Prospective Applicants: Incorporate an inquiry form on your website, allowing seamless gathering of information about prospective applicants.
  • Effortless Digital Brochure Distribution: Implement an auto e-brochure mailing facility, ensuring prospective applicants receive comprehensive information about your school.
  • Tailored Online Admission Forms: Develop completely customized online admission forms with custom fields tailored to your school's specific requirements, facilitating a smooth application process.
  • Robust Auto-Validations: Utilize powerful auto-validations to ensure that only eligible applicants proceed, automatically rejecting unnecessary and ineligible applications based on criteria such as age limits.
  • Seamless Online Payment Integration: Integrate online payment options with multiple payment gateways and banks, providing applicants with a convenient and secure method for submitting application fees.
  • Streamlined Interview Scheduling: Automate the process of assigning interview time slots, allowing for efficient coordination and minimizing scheduling conflicts.
  • Effective Communication Channels: Employ a powerful communication mechanism via email and SMS to keep applicants informed about important updates and milestones throughout the application process.
  • Automated Distance and Quota Management: Implement automated distance and quota management features to facilitate fair and efficient admission decisions based on predefined criteria.
Sr. Helen M. D'Costa (Principal)
St. Joseph's Convent Sen Sec School, Bathinda

The online admission system of e-Care had been a time-saving tool for our school like other aspects of e-Care services. With the help of the online admission module, our admission procedure has become extremely effortless, flawless and tension free. Due to the committed work of the team and the excellent service, I would highly recommend e-Care's Online Admission System.


Fee management is an important aspect of a school's financial operations. It involves the tracking, billing, and management of tuition fees, as well as other school-related expenses such as uniforms, textbooks, and extracurricular activities. With the help of fee management software, schools can automate the billing process, generate invoices, and communicate fees to parents and students. This includes the ability to set up payment plans, track payments, and provide real-time updates on outstanding balances. Fee management systems can also help schools improve financial reporting, maintain accurate records, and streamline financial operations. By using these technologies, schools can create a more efficient and effective fee management system, which ultimately contributes to financial stability and growth. Additionally, fee management systems can help to improve communication between the school and parents, as well as provide parents with an easy and convenient way to pay for school-related expenses. Ultimately, an effective fee management system is essential for promoting financial health and ensuring that students have access to high-quality educational opportunities.

Ensure Smooth Financial Operations with our Advanced Fee Management System
  • Uncompromised Transaction Security: Safeguard all financial transactions with our robust system, offering 100% security and regular backup and pack date facility to protect your valuable data.
  • Flexibility in Fee Structures: Accommodate multiple fee structures, concession methods, and payment options to cater to the diverse needs of your students and parents.
  • Convenient Online Payments: Provide a hassle-free online payment facility through your school's website or mobile app, seamlessly compatible with all major banks and digital wallets.
  • Efficient Fine Management: Automate cheque bounce and fee fine calculations, with automatic reminders to defaulters, ensuring effective fee collection and minimizing financial discrepancies.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard Analytics: Access multiple analytical reports on the dashboard for quick insights into fee collection, defaulters, concession analysis, reconciliation, ledgers, cheque bounce, and more.
  • Extensive Report Generation: Generate over 125 comprehensive reports, including collection reports, defaulters lists, concession analysis, reconciliation statements, ledgers, cheque bounce reports, and more, for comprehensive financial analysis.
  • Streamlined Certificate Generation: Simplify the process of certificate generation, including Transfer Certificates (TC), Character Certificates, Income Tax Certificates, and more, ensuring efficient record-keeping and administrative tasks.
  • Quick Barcode Printing: Generate barcoded fee books and receipts for efficient and quick access to student fee records, enabling smooth fee management and tracking.
  • Seamless Integration with Accounting Software: Enjoy in-depth integration with popular accounting software like Tally, Zoho Books, and Account Manager, facilitating streamlined financial management and reporting processes.


Payroll Manager is an efficient solution for managing various employee-related tasks such as generating salaries, calculating taxes, and creating challans. It provides unparalleled convenience and can perform day-long operations with just a few clicks. The software is particularly useful for HR management and statutory compliance, such as PF, ESI, PT, gratuity, bonus, and LWF. The software is compatible with attendance devices such as biometric machines or RFID, making it easy for schools to maintain real-time employee records and stay updated on employee statistics, such as headcount, new recruitments, attrition rates, and salary details.

Some of the key features of Payroll Manager include one-click salary generation with automatic data fetching from attendance devices, a robust statutory compliance system that adheres to the latest pay commissions, taxes, PF, ESI, insurance, and multiple salary account accommodation to support multi-bank transactions. The software also allows for temporary staff salary management on an hourly/daily wages basis and includes appraisal analysis with auto-increment, estimated increment, and multiple increment statistics.

Additionally, Payroll Manager offers complete income tax management with automatic TDS deduction and Form 16 generation. It also includes loan/advance management for staff with auto-repayment from salary and multiple analyses to stay atop workforce statistics, such as estimated salary, department-wise salary, individual tax reports, gross tax reports, monthly, or annual salary reports, etc. The software also enables online PF return submission and provides multiple formats of pay slips with auto-emailing facilities, making it an all-in-one solution for managing employee payroll and related tasks.

Efficient Salary and Payroll Management for a Seamless Workforce Experience
  • Simplified Salary Generation: Experience one-click salary generation with our advanced system that automatically fetches data from attendance devices, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors.
  • Statutory Compliance Made Easy: Ensure compliance with the latest pay commissions, taxes, PF, ESI insurance, and other statutory requirements effortlessly, thanks to our robust compliance system.
  • Multi-Bank Transaction Support: Accommodate multiple salary accounts, enabling seamless transactions across different banks for the convenience of your staff.
  • Temporary Staff Salary Management: Effectively manage the salaries of temporary staff based on hourly or daily wages, streamlining the payment process and ensuring accuracy.
  • Appraisal Analysis and Increment Management: Utilize our appraisal analysis tool, featuring auto-increment calculations, estimated increment projections, and comprehensive increment statistics to facilitate fair and consistent salary adjustments.
  • Comprehensive Income Tax Management: Simplify income tax management with automatic TDS deduction, seamless Form 16 generation, and accurate tax calculations, ensuring compliance and eliminating manual tax-related tasks.
  • Loan/Advance Management: Enable staff to apply for loans or advances, with automated repayment deductions directly from their salaries, providing convenience and transparency for both employees and the organization.
  • In-depth Workforce Analytics: Stay ahead of workforce dynamics with multiple analysis options, including estimated salary reports, department-wise salary summaries, individual tax reports, gross tax reports, monthly or annual salary reports, and more.
  • Online PF Return Submission: Streamline the process of submitting PF returns with our online submission feature, ensuring accuracy and compliance with PF regulations.
  • Customizable Pay Slips: Generate pay slips in multiple formats, personalized to your organization's requirements, with the added convenience of auto-emailing facility, saving time and effort in distributing payslips.
Mr. Divyanshu Chauhan (Accountant)
St. Joseon's School, Greater Noida

“It's a pleasure to recommend the payroll software by e-Care. I, Divyanshu Chauhan, Accountant at St. Joseph's School, Greater Noida, have been using the software for the salary management of the school staff. As per personal experience, I found the software flexible enough to make the changes conveniently. I would like to congratulate e Care for developing such well-balanced software. “


Accounts Manager is an essential accounting tool that is specifically designed to cater to the needs of schools. It offers a wide range of features and functions and is seamlessly integrated with other software such as Fee Manager, Payroll Manager, and Stock Manager. By automatically fetching data from these sources, Accounts Manager eliminates the need for manual data entry and saves accountants a considerable amount of time while preventing errors.

With all the essential modules, Accounts Manager keeps accountants up-to-date with real-time financial information through its online reporting facility. The software also includes a budget analysis and projected inflow feature that enables management to make better financial decisions.

Accounts Manager ensures GST compliance with its taxation management feature. It provides secured access to multi-users with complete track and log, while ensuring 100% security of financial data with 2 layers of encryption and pack date facility. The software also includes voucher and petty cash management with soft copy records of bills, and is equipped to accommodate all Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) such as debit, credit, balance-sheet, and other financial statements.

The software is robustly integrated with other related software, such as Fee Manager, Payroll Manager, and Stock Manager, which enables real-time data fetching. Accounts Manager also provides budgeting and forecasting on the basis of real-time data and analysis.

Accounts Manager provides various accounting reports such as Daybook, Trail Balance, Ledgers, Balance Sheet, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Profit & Loss Statement, etc. It also has in-depth integration with TALLY and Zoho Books. Other essential features include cheque printing, multi-layer approvals on vouchers & bills, etc. Overall, Accounts Manager is an excellent accounting tool that simplifies financial management for schools.

Advanced Financial Management System: Ensure Security, Compliance, and Efficiency
  • Enhanced User Access and Tracking: Benefit from secured access for multiple users, with complete tracking and logging functionalities, ensuring accountability and transparency in financial operations.
  • Uncompromised Data Security: Safeguard your financial data with our state-of-the-art system, offering 2 layers of encryption and pack date facility, ensuring 100% security and protection against unauthorized access.
  • Comprehensive Accounting Principles: Our system accommodates all generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), including debit, credit, balance-sheet, and other financial statements, ensuring accurate and compliant financial reporting.
  • Seamless Integration with Related Software: Experience robust integration with other relevant software, such as fee manager, payroll manager, and stock manager, enabling real-time data fetching and enhanced workflow efficiency.
  • Dynamic Budgeting and Forecasting: Utilize real-time data and analysis to facilitate budgeting and forecasting processes, enabling informed decision-making and effective financial planning.
  • GST Compliant Taxation Management: Manage taxation in accordance with Goods and Services Tax (GST) regulations, ensuring compliance and seamless handling of tax-related processes.
  • Voucher and Petty Cash Management: Effectively manage vouchers and petty cash with our system, maintaining soft copy records of bills for easy reference and audit purposes.
  • Comprehensive Accounting Reports: Access a wide range of accounting reports, including daybooks, trial balance, ledgers, balance sheet, bank reconciliation statements, profit and loss statements, and more, enabling accurate financial analysis and reporting.
  • In-depth Integration with Tally and Zoho Books: Benefit from seamless integration with popular accounting software like Tally and Zoho Books, facilitating smooth data exchange and enhancing overall financial management processes.
  • Essential Features for Efficiency: Our system offers additional essential features, including cheque printing capabilities, multi-layer approvals on vouchers and bills, and other functionalities designed to streamline financial operations.
Mr. Rajneesh Bajpai (Accountant)
Allenhouse Public School, Kanpur

Franciscan e-Care Accounts Manager is a suite of programs that automate financial management in the school environment and helps to manage accounting activities. The software helps reduce expenses and report accurately on your financial activities, and improves the quality of accounting decisions. With great ease, I can record, monitor and reconcile my bank accounts and transactions.


Managing student performance is a crucial aspect of education and plays a significant role in enhancing academic outcomes. The primary objective of educational institutions is to provide quality education and facilitate students' overall development. The Marks Manager software can prove to be a valuable tool in accomplishing this mission by automating various tasks such as calculating grades and CPA, generating customized reports, and keeping track of students' progress. The software offers a wide range of preset report card formats and consolidated sheets that can be tailored to suit the school's specific requirements. The system also provides advanced analytical features such as multivariate analysis, class-wise and standard-wise reports, and integrated SMS modules for communicating grades and updates to parents. Additionally, the software allows for efficient and accurate record-keeping of marks, including entry status, modified marks, locked marks, etc. With its instant board result performance analysis feature, the Marks Manager software can help schools evaluate their performance and make data-driven decisions to enhance their educational outcomes.

Empower Your School with Customized and Efficient Result Management
  • Tailored to Your Needs: Our result management system offers complete customization, ensuring alignment with your school board and specific requirements.
  • Diverse Report Card Formats: Choose from hundreds of preset report card and consolidated sheet formats, allowing you to select the most suitable design for your school's needs.
  • Seamless Printing of Reports: Easily print report cards and consolidated sheets, providing comprehensive and professional documentation of students' academic performance.
  • Online Result Declaration: Streamline the result declaration process with our online facility, enabling parents and students to access and view their results conveniently and securely.
  • Extensive Analysis and Reports: Access over 50 comprehensive analysis options and reports, including multi-year analysis, standard-wise performance, class-wise comparisons, and more, facilitating detailed insights into students' academic progress.
  • Automated Grade and CGPA Calculation: Save time and effort with our system's automatic calculation of grades and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), ensuring accuracy and consistency in result evaluation.
  • Integrated SMS Module: Keep parents informed about their child's marks and grades through our integrated SMS module, facilitating timely communication and updates.
  • Teacher Performance Reports: Gain valuable insights into teacher performance with our performance reports and analysis, enabling you to assess and support educators effectively.
  • Efficient Marks Entry Tracking: Maintain a complete track of marks entry with features such as marks entry status, modified marks, locked marks, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the process.
  • Instant Board Result Analysis: Obtain instant performance analysis of your school's board results, empowering you to assess your institution's overall performance and make informed strategic decisions.
Mr. Arpan Kumar Das (Academics Co-ordinator)
St. Xavier's Senior Secondary School, Delhi

This is to certify that Franciscan e-Care team has been working with us for last four years and they are very professional in all the works given to them, especially the 'Marks Manager Marks Manager has made our work very easy with the customized software that they have. The complete management of the report card from entry to the printing is handled excellently by the team.


Books or Library management is a crucial aspect of a school's academic operations. It involves the organization, maintenance, and circulation of library materials, including books, periodicals, and other resources. With the help of library management software, schools can manage their collections, automate cataloging and circulation processes, and provide students with easy access to a wide range of resources. This includes tracking borrowing and lending, managing reserves, and generating reports on library usage. Library management systems can also help schools monitor and maintain inventory levels, track overdue materials, and process fines and fees. By using these technologies, schools can create a more efficient and effective library environment, which ultimately contributes to student success. Additionally, library management systems can help to improve communication between librarians, teachers, and students, as well as provide students with important research and literacy skills. Ultimately, an effective library management system is essential for promoting academic success and providing students with the resources they need to excel in their studies.

Elevate Your Library Experience with Advanced Book and Library Management
  • Seamless ISBN Integration: Experience effortless book entry with our system's in-depth integration with the ISBN database, ensuring accurate and efficient cataloging of books.
  • Comprehensive Book Classification: Manage your library's book classification seamlessly, adhering to the industry-standard Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system, enabling easy organization and retrieval of books.
  • Real-time Book Alerts and Online Reading: Keep users informed about newly added books through alerts on their library accounts, while also offering online reading options, educational games, and real-time book availability status, enhancing the reading experience.
  • Extensive e-Book Collection: Access over 15,000 e-books specifically curated for schools, offering a wide range of subjects and genres for online reading via computer and mobile apps.
  • Efficient Member Management: Effectively manage library members with specific eligibility criteria based on classes, ensuring seamless access and privileges tailored to each user's academic level.
  • Barcode-based Issue-Return System: Expedite library transactions with our barcode-based issue-return system, simplifying the lending and returning process for books and other materials.
  • Periodicals Management and Renewal Alerts: Streamline periodicals management with subscription renewal alerts, ensuring uninterrupted access to newspapers, magazines, and journals.
  • Fine Calculation and Online Account Updates: Automate fine calculation and update fines on users' online accounts, facilitating transparent and accurate fee management.
  • Powerful E-catalogue with Advanced Search Mechanism: Explore a robust e-catalogue with a strong search mechanism, allowing users to find books quickly and easily using keywords, titles, authors, or other relevant criteria.
  • Digital and Hard Bind Accession Register: Maintain a comprehensive record of books and materials with a digital and hard bind accession register, ensuring accurate tracking and efficient inventory management.
  • Multiple Reports for Efficient Library Operations: Generate a variety of reports, including issue/return reports, fine defaulter reports, discarded books lists, book master reports, library stock verification reports, and more, facilitating effective library operations and analysis.
Ms. Anupam Sharma (Librarian)
St. Anthony's Junior College, Agra

Working in the library with e-Care Library Software as a helping hand is quite a pleasant experience. It is very user-friendly and also has enhanced my efficiency. It not only saves my time but also helps me to maintain the important records safely. I suggest this system should be provided in all the libraries.


Time management is an essential skill for students to learn in order to succeed academically. With a packed schedule full of classes, extracurricular activities, homework, and studying, it can be easy for students to become overwhelmed and fall behind. Effective time management skills allow students to prioritize their responsibilities and make the most of their time. It involves setting goals, creating a schedule, and sticking to it. By using tools such as calendars, timers, and to-do lists, students can maximize their productivity and ensure that they have enough time to complete all of their assignments and participate in activities they enjoy. Good time management also helps to reduce stress and allows students to maintain a healthy work-life balance. By mastering time management, students can become more efficient, successful, and achieve their academic and personal goals.

Optimize Your School's Timetable with Advanced Artificial Intelligence
  • AI-Enabled Auto Timetable Scheduling: Experience the power of artificial intelligence with our auto timetable scheduling feature, eliminating the tedious manual process and generating clash-free timetables effortlessly.
  • Customizable Manual Changes: Accommodate multi-level manual changes to further customize the timetable, ensuring flexibility and meeting specific requirements.
  • Seamless Attendance Data Integration: Fetch attendance data automatically from biometric attendance machines, enabling accurate tracking of student attendance and facilitating efficient substitution processing.
  • AI-Powered Substitution Management: Streamline substitution management with our artificial intelligence-based algorithm, ensuring smooth daily substitution processes and minimizing disruptions.
  • Real-Time Timetable Access: Integrate the timetable with online portals, providing students and parents with real-time access to the timetable, keeping them informed and updated.
  • Optimal Resource Utilization: Maximize the efficient usage of all resources, including staff, classes, labs, and other facilities, ensuring optimal utilization and avoiding conflicts or wastage.
  • Intelligent Resource Allocation: Utilize our system's intelligent resource allocation capabilities, based on predefined constraints, to allocate resources effectively, optimizing schedules and minimizing conflicts.
  • Accommodation of All Constraints: Our system accommodates various constraints, such as parallel allocation, consecutive allocation, fixed periods, and more, ensuring a comprehensive and well-structured timetable.
  • Multiple Reports for Analysis: Generate a range of reports, including master timetables, workload reports, substitution lists, and more, facilitating comprehensive analysis and efficient management of the timetable.
Ms. Kanika Joshi (Timetable Incharge)
Dikshant International School, Haldwani

Substitution process has impressed me a lot. I am truly happy having Timetable Manager as it eliminates all the natural difficulties of timetable generation. Auto-generation of substitution list, subject grouping, online updating of timetable and team's support is TOP 10 SUBSTITUTION LOAD ANALYSIS)


Attendance management is a crucial aspect of a school's operations. It involves the tracking and monitoring of student attendance, as well as the management of absence and tardiness policies. With the help of attendance management software, schools can automate the recording of attendance, generate reports, and communicate attendance information to parents and teachers. This includes the ability to track attendance in real-time, monitor patterns of absence and tardiness, and provide early intervention for students who are struggling. Attendance management systems can also help schools ensure compliance with state and federal regulations regarding attendance reporting. By using these technologies, schools can create a more efficient and effective attendance tracking system, which ultimately contributes to student success. Additionally, attendance management systems can help to improve communication between teachers, parents, and students, as well as provide students with important life skills such as responsibility and time management. Ultimately, effective attendance management is essential for promoting academic success and ensuring that students are present and engaged in their learning.

Streamline Leave and Attendance Management with Integrated Software Solutions
  • Seamless Integration for Efficiency: Integrate the timetable software with the payroll system, enabling smooth collaboration between the two systems for effective leave and substitution management.
  • Comprehensive Leave Management: Simplify leave management with our system's auto-allocation of various leave types, such as Casual Leave (CL), Earned Leave (EL), and more, ensuring accurate tracking and efficient administration.
  • Shift Management: Effectively manage reporting and scheduling of staff across different departments with our shift management feature, facilitating smooth operations and optimizing workforce productivity.
  • Headcount Analysis: Stay updated on staff count and analyze headcount data for better resource planning and decision-making, ensuring optimal staffing levels and efficient utilization of human resources.
  • Multiple Reports for Insights: Access a variety of reports, including late-in and out records, attendance summaries, and more, enabling comprehensive analysis of attendance patterns and performance evaluation.
  • Timely Notification of Attendance Summary: Keep all relevant authorities informed about daily attendance summaries through email, SMS, and push notifications on the mobile app, ensuring real-time updates and efficient communication.


For schools, inventory management is a critical aspect as inventory represents a significant asset. To efficiently manage inventory-related matters, schools can use the 'Stock Manager' tool. This tool offers real-time visibility of the inventory and covers the entire inventory management cycle, starting from stock requisition and order placement to depreciation. The tool allows schools to track the stock-in, stock-out, and current stock levels, enabling them to optimize their resources. Additionally, the system alerts the stock-keeper of low-stock levels, which can be replenished through the Point of Sale (POS) system. With barcode scanning, manual stock counts are replaced with more efficient and quick processes. The 'Stock Manager' tool provides other features such as repair management, product catalog, and various reports, such as active stock, item master, consolidated stock, and ledgers.

Efficient Inventory Management for Seamless Operations
  • Barcode Tagging for Accurate Stock Verification: Implement barcode tagging on every item to enable regular stock verification, ensuring accurate tracking and efficient inventory management.
  • Comprehensive Inventory Tracking: Maintain a complete track of inventory with a robust stock-in and stock-out mechanism, allowing you to monitor stock levels and ensure timely replenishment.
  • Streamlined Order Management: Our system is equipped to handle order requisitions, order placements, and order returns, facilitating a smooth and efficient order management process.
  • Online Product Catalogue: Showcase your products through an online product catalogue, providing easy access and visibility to staff and customers for efficient order placement and information retrieval.
  • Low and High Stock Alerts: Receive low and high stock alerts to stay updated on stock levels, enabling proactive stock management and avoiding stockouts or excess inventory.
  • Repair Management: Keep a comprehensive track of faulty stock and repairs with our repair management feature, ensuring timely maintenance and minimizing disruptions to operations.
  • Multiple Reports for Analysis: Access various reports, including consolidated stock reports, ledgers, active stock reports, item master reports, and more, enabling in-depth analysis of inventory data for informed decision-making.
Mr. M. Abraham (Stock Co-ordinator)
Somerville School, Noida

I want to take this opportunity to say that, I have been impressed by e-Care's consistently helpful and swift attitude to service. Stock management software helps me to work on orders and bills of materials. The software can automatically collect data, conduct calculations, and create records. This, not only results in time savings, cost savings but also increases business efficiency.


The well-being of students is of utmost importance to schools and to ensure this, they need appropriate software like 'Infirmary Manager' which is specifically developed for Student Health Management. This software enables schools to keep track of students' health, including check-ups, vaccinations, doctor's visits, allergies and other medical records. By maintaining the complete medical history of each student, schools can take precautions and prescribe the right medicine based on their medical history in case of emergencies. The software also helps schools to keep their medicine stock up-to-date by monitoring the quantity and expiry dates of the medicine.

In addition to this, the software maintains vaccination records with alerts for due dates, health records of every student, including illnesses, treatments and allergies, records of medicines with tracking of storage and expiry dates, and a glance at the student's medical history and health status through medical cards. It also auto-flags warnings for allergic drug prescriptions, and keeps track of nurse/doctor visits and attendance.

Comprehensive Health and Medical Records Management for Students
  • Vaccination Records and Due Date Alerts: Our system maintains accurate vaccination records for each student, along with automated alerts for upcoming due dates, ensuring timely immunizations and compliance with health regulations.
  • Comprehensive Health Records: Maintain detailed health records for every student, capturing information on illnesses, treatments, allergies, and medical conditions. This provides a holistic view of each student's health history and enables informed decision-making regarding their well-being.
  • Medication Record and Management: Keep track of medications administered to students, including storage details and expiry dates. This ensures the availability of up-to-date and safe medications, promoting student health and safety.
  • Medical Cards for Health Status: Provide medical cards that offer a quick overview of a student's medical history and current health status. This allows authorized personnel to access important health information promptly and make informed decisions during emergencies.
  • Allergic Drug Warning System: Our system includes an automated flagging feature that alerts healthcare providers and staff to potential allergic reactions or contraindications when prescribing medications. This helps prevent adverse reactions and ensures student safety.
  • Tracking Nurse/Doctor Visits and Attendance: Keep a comprehensive record of nurse and doctor visits, as well as attendance, allowing for accurate tracking of medical interventions and ensuring proper follow-up care for students.


The software 'Seating Arrangement' provides a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by schools during exams. This user-friendly tool automatically generates seating arrangements based on various factors such as class, gender, and groups. It also manages invigilators and substitutions efficiently, saving time and effort. The software includes various features such as Shift Management, Seat Blocking, Attendance Sheets, and Stationery Records.

The seating layout is generated with the help of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, ensuring an optimal arrangement of students. The interface is easy to use, and the software does not require any specific knowledge. The search mechanism is robust, allowing the user to quickly retrieve records based on keywords such as Class, Exams, Students, Roll Number, or Admission Number. The software also includes Constraint Management, enabling the user to set parameters such as room capacity or locking seats to generate an exact seating layout as needed.

Other features of the software include Support Staff Duty Management, Attendance Management for staff on duty and students during exams, and Shift Management to conduct multiple exams on the same day. The Examination Stationery Management feature helps avoid wastage by keeping records of issued, returned, and destroyed stationery. Additionally, the software allows schools to manage unlimited records of previous year seating arrangements for reference.

Efficient Examination Seating Management with Advanced Features
  • AI-Enabled Seating Layout Generation: Experience the power of artificial intelligence with our seating management system, which automatically generates seating layouts based on factors like class, gender, and groups. Our algorithm ensures optimal seat allotment for students, enhancing fairness and convenience.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Our system features a user-friendly interface that eliminates the need for specific technical knowledge, making it accessible to all users. Say goodbye to tedious manual work and enjoy a seamless seating management experience.
  • Invigilator Management and Substitution Assignment: Efficiently manage invigilators and automatically assign substitutions as needed. Our system notifies concerned teachers, ensuring smooth invigilation processes and minimizing disruptions.
  • Robust Search Mechanism: Utilize our system's robust search mechanism to retrieve records effortlessly. Whether it's searching for specific classes, exams, students, roll numbers, or admission numbers, our system provides quick and accurate results.
  • Constraint Management: Manage constraints such as room capacity or seat locking to generate precise seating layouts according to specific requirements. Our system accommodates various constraints to ensure optimal seating arrangements.
  • Support Staff Duty Management: Effectively manage support staff duties with our system, ensuring proper coordination and efficient utilization of resources during examinations.
  • Attendance Management: Streamline attendance management for staff on duty and students during exams. Our system simplifies the process, allowing for accurate tracking and record-keeping.
  • Shift Management: Conduct multiple exams on the same day with our shift management feature. Our system facilitates seamless scheduling and coordination, optimizing exam logistics.
  • Examination Stationery Management: Keep track of examination stationery, including records of issued, returned, and destroyed items, minimizing wastage and ensuring sufficient availability.
  • Unlimited Record Management: Our system allows for the management of unlimited records for previous years' seating arrangements, providing a valuable reference for future planning and analysis.
ERP Software Explained: How It Works and Why You Need It
Education is an essential sector that requires proper management and organization to ensure smooth functioning. With advancements in technology, schools have adopted Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to manage their administrative and academic activities. ERP for school management is a software solution that integrates various functions such as student information management, faculty management, attendance tracking, fee management, and other administrative activities.
What is ERP for School Management?
ERP for school management is a comprehensive software solution designed to automate various administrative and academic activities in schools. The system provides a centralized database that stores all the data related to students, faculty, staff, and other administrative activities. The ERP system ensures that all data is accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible, making it easier for school management to make informed decisions.
ERP Software Explained: How It Works and Why You Need It

Education is an essential sector that requires proper management and organization to ensure smooth functioning. With advancements in technology, schools have adopted Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to manage their administrative and academic activities. ERP for school management is a software solution that integrates various functions such as student information management, faculty management, attendance tracking, fee management, and other administrative activities.

What is ERP for School Management?

ERP for school management is a comprehensive software solution designed to automate various administrative and academic activities in schools. The system provides a centralized database that stores all the data related to students, faculty, staff, and other administrative activities. The ERP system ensures that all data is accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible, making it easier for school management to make informed decisions.

How Does ERP for School Management Work?

The ERP system for school management works by integrating various modules that streamline various activities in the school. The modules can be customized to meet the specific needs of the school. The following are the different modules in an ERP system for school management:

Student Information Management: This module manages all the information related to students, including personal details, academic records, attendance, grades, and other relevant information.

Faculty Management: This module manages faculty-related activities such as hiring, performance evaluation, payroll management, and other administrative activities.

Attendance Tracking: This module automates attendance tracking for students and faculty, making it easier to monitor attendance and ensure compliance with attendance policies.

Fee Management: This module manages all aspects of fee management, including fee collection, payment tracking, and generating receipts.

Library Management: This module manages library-related activities such as book acquisition, circulation, and tracking of borrowed books.

Examination Management: This module automates the entire examination process, including scheduling, grading, and generating reports.

Benefits of ERP for School Management

Implementing an ERP system for school management offers several benefits, including:

Increased Efficiency: Automation of administrative activities reduces manual effort, minimizes errors, and speeds up the process.

Improved Communication: The centralized database allows school management to communicate easily with students, faculty, and staff.

Real-Time Information: The ERP system provides real-time information on various activities in the school, enabling quick decision-making.

Cost Savings: Automation of administrative activities reduces the cost of hiring additional staff, paper-based documentation, and manual record-keeping.

In conclusion, implementing an ERP system for school management offers several benefits, including improved efficiency, communication, real-time information, and cost savings. The ERP system streamlines various administrative and academic activities, ensuring smooth functioning of the school. Schools should consider implementing an ERP system to improve their operations and provide better services to students, faculty, and staff.

Streamlining School District Operations: The Benefits of ERP Software for K-12 Education

In order to understand the benefits of implementing a high-quality ERP program, let's examine how this system's primary functions can be utilized in K-12 school districts.


One of the most advantageous features of ERP software is automation. ERPs are specifically designed to handle a variety of tasks and can complete work for you that you may do frequently, such as daily, monthly, weekly, or yearly tasks.

For example, a K-12 financial management ERP can be set up to compile a report of how much your school district invested in the previous month on a regular schedule. The ERP will automatically gather the necessary data from all the programs within the system, eliminating the need for you to search for the required data. The best ERPs also allow for customized reports to display precisely the data you want in the format you desire.


Another function of ERP software is integration, which refers to a software's ability to communicate with another software. When the software used by different departments within a school district (such as the Finance Accounting and HR departments) can collaborate effectively by sharing data, the district as a whole becomes more efficient and effective.

Implementing ERP software that can automatically share information between Accounting and HR departments eliminates the need for employees to manually enter data more than once, reducing the risk of errors in data entry.

Moreover, the top ERP software applications provide real-time data. This means that as soon as new information is added to the system, linked departments start working with the most up-to-date information available.

By improving the accuracy of your data, you can make each decision in your job with more confidence.

The Most Effective ERP Software

The most significant benefit you can get from an ERP system of high quality (as opposed to the generic ERP programs) is that it has been specifically designed for your requirements as a school district for K 12 students. It would help if you weren't working around software settings designed for retail businesses or non-profit entities.

Additionally, the most effective ERP software solutions to look at are ones that can be used in various ways. Therefore, in addition to being designed to work for districts for K 12 schools, The best ERPs permit you to customize your options to meet the specific requirements of your distinct District for K-12 schools.

If you can configure your software to meet your school district's specific needs, you're creating your school district to be successful.

The capability to configure and customize is a crucial feature in ERPs. Franciscan Solutions has designed all of our ERPs to be configured according to what best suits every one of our clients.

We then made this alignment between ERP software as well as the specific demands of schools one step further.

We've developed various ERP software systems to provide better service to different school districts according to factors like district size, geographical location, and so on.