Our Patron Saint

Our Patron Saint
St. Francis of Assisi
Dear Educators,

We Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, feel proud to be a small helping hand of you all in imparting quality education to the students and consequently forming the future of the nation.

This small text of mine is to pay tribute to our patron, Saint Francis of Assisi, one of the most venerated religious figures in history. Fortunately, I was named after him and was put to his patronage by my parents. Seeing his great works in my life and being a great devotee of him, this company, which was started in 2007 by me and my sons, was put to his patronage seeking his abundant blessings and from here it took its name as 'Franciscan' gaining ideals and following patron values of its patron saint.

'Communication builds up relationship' and with the realization of this need of communication among all stakeholders of educational realm and keeping up our vision of pioneering the technology in educational domain we formed a product named 'Franciscan e-Care'.

Fast growing modes of communications in IT sector are creating a need of replacing old communication medium in schools with more powerful and efficient modes with which parents get more information about a child in short span of time and they become partners in their child's formation.

After excelling the communication system, we are striving to excel in all IT needs of the schools and consequently we are India's first educational ERP provider with synchronization system. We continuously explore new ventures, set new benchmarks like recently launched VOICE SMS concept and mobile application of Franciscan e-Care. Our friends cum clients praise us for exceeding their expectations in all spheres and this gives us strength to think differently and to innovate and deliver value-added products and services beyond expectations.

Our success is a result of our employees' commitment to stringent delivery standards and determination to deliver the one thing that our customers and investors want most – RESULTS.

For us, the challenges of today are brimming with possibilities and we are confident that our pioneering entrepreneurial spirit will help us to expand our global footprint even during these challenging times.

With warm regards,

Francis Masih